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Aerosols - Adhesives and Jet Sprays
Aerosols, Cleaners
Belt Backing
Bra Cups
Braids - Soutache and Middy
Buttons - Hand Cover
Buttons, Industrial Covering, etc.
Chalk and Markers Tailor
Clips - Plastic Jet
Color Chart - Threads
Color Chart - Ribbons
Dritz - Basting Guns and Accessories
Dritz - Cover Button
Dritz - Covered Buckles
Dritz - Double Dressforms
Dritz - Eyelets and Grommets
Dritz - Garment Care Brushes
Dritz - Hooks And Eyes
Dritz - Machine Needles
Dritz - Marking Pens and Pencils
Dritz - Measuring Tools
Dritz - Metal Goods and Accessories
Dritz - No-Sew Accessories
Dritz - No-Sew 4-Part Snaps
Dritz - Pressing Equipment
Dritz - Repair Accessories
Dritz - Safety and Rotary Cutters
Dritz - Safety Pins
Dritz - Sewing and Finishing
Dritz - Sewing Kits
Dritz - Sewing Machine Accessories
Dritz - Sewing Organizers
Dritz - Sewing Tools and Accessories
Dritz - Sew-On Snaps
Dritz - Straight Pins
Dritz - Tailor Markers
Dye Chart - Custom Colors
Dye Kit - Rit
Eyelet Attaching Hand Setters
Fabric Care and Repair Accessories
Garment Bags
Hook and Eye Tape
Hooks Eyes and Loops
Hook Flex
Horse Hair
Industrial Snap Eyelet Grommet Setter
Interfacing Non Woven
Interfacing Specialty and Muslin
Interfacing Woven
Labels - Woven
Lingerie - Front Closures
Lingerie - Hooks
Lingerie - Rings
Lingerie - Separating Wires
Lingerie - Sliders
Lingerie - Underwires
Needles - Hand Sewing
Needles - Machine Sewing
No-Sew Hooks And Eyes
Pins - Ball Head Bulk
Pins - Bulk Straight
Pins - Push
Pins - Tee
Pins - Twisty-Tidy
Presses - Foot and Tabletop
Ribbons - Satin and Gross Grain
Rules - Metal
Rules - Plastic French Curves
Rules - Plastic Straight
Rules - Specialty Metal
Rules - Wood
Safety Pins Bulk
Safety Pins Specialty
Scissors - Bent Trimmers
Scissors - Electric
Scissors - Embroidery
Scissors - Pinking
Scissors - Specialty
Sew-On Snap Fasteners Bulk
Shoulder Pads
Skirt Pant Hooks and Eyes
Snaps - 4 Part Clamp In
Snap Tape
Tagging Guns and Accessories
Thread - Machine Poly or Cotton
Thread - Specialty
VELCRO  Brand Fasteners
Workroom Tools
Webbing Hardware
Webbing Material
Zippers - Metal
Zippers - Nylon and Plasticl

Dritz - Marking Pens & Pencils

676-20 Mark-B-Gone(tm) Marking Pen - Pink
Water-soluble ink marking pen.
1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case
676-60 Mark-B-Gone(tm) Marking Pen - Blue
677-20 Disappearing Ink Marking Pen - Pink
Marks disappear within 24-72 hours or can he removed with damp cloth. 1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case
677-60 Disappearing Ink Marking Pen - Purple
673-20 Dual Purpose Twin Marking Pen
Pink, Water-soluble ink - Pink, Disappearing ink
Water-soluble Mark-B-Gone(tm) ink on one end and disappearing ink on the other. 1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case
673-60 Dual Purpose Twin Marking Pen
Blue, Water-soluble ink - Purple, Disappearing ink
682-60 Mark-B-Gone(tm) Marking Pen with Eraser
Pink. Marks can be removed with eraser or damp cloth. 1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case
692 Mark-B-Gone(tm) White Ink Marking Pen
White, water-soluble ink. For marking dark fabrics. 1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case

675-6 Marking Pencils - Pink
Dressmaker's Marking Pencil with Brush Eraser For marking construction details. Use brush to remove marks.
1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case
675-9 Marking Pencils - White
675-15 Marking Pencils - Light Blue
683 Water-Soluble Marking Pencil - White
For marking dark fabrics. Marks can he removed with damp cloth. 1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case
683-15 Water-Soluble Marking Pencil - Light Blue
684 Iron-On Transfer Pencil
Raspberry. Transfers designs to light-colored fabrics with warm iron. 1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case
685 Template Marking Pencil
Black. For drawing and marking on plastic templates.
1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case
687 Silver Marking Pencil
For marking light or dark fabrics.
1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case
Fine Point Marking Pens

Fine point pens for detailed marking. 1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case

693 Mark-B-Gone(tm) Pen
Blue, water-soluble ink.
694 Disappearing Ink Pen
Purple disappearing ink.
689 Fabric Eraser
Non-smudge white eraser removes pencil marks from fabric. 1/2 dz. per shelf box - 20 dz. per case


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